Other homelessness services

If you, or someone you know, is facing homelessness, below is a list of some of the other agencies and services available to people who are homeless in London.

Street Link and No Second Night Out

If you are rough sleeping or are concerned about somebody who is rough sleeping you can contact Street Link or No Second Night Out.

www.streetlink.org.uk 0300 500 0914
www.nosecondnightout.org.uk 0870 3833333

These organisations work with outreach teams who go out in teams to meet people who are sleeping on the street. When either contacting Street Link or No Second Night Out by phone or on-line they will ask for information about where the person is rough sleeping.

The Local Authority

If you are homeless you can see if the council is able to help you with housing. To do so you visit your local housing office in your borough and register as homeless. Through an assessment they will see if they can assist with housing. To find out where your housing office is, go to your local council website and search ‘housing’ or ‘homelessness’.

Day Centres and Night Shelters

The website www.homelessuk.org has lots of information about homelessness services. On their website you can search their directory of services which includes information about day centres and emergency accommodation. Click on ‘Search all services’ on the homelessuk website to search the directory. At many of the day centres there are advice workers who can provide information about housing.

The Pavement Magazine also produces ‘The list’ which provides information about homelessness services. ‘The list’ is in their monthly magazine on their website www.thepavement.org.uk/

You can call the charity Shelter in order to ask for advice about your housing situation 0808 800 4444  http://england.shelter.org.uk/