Advice work at Robes

The advice work is a practical approach intended to help guests find accommodation and to avoid having to sleep rough in the future. This is done by working alongside a guest, getting details of any previous housing and employment history, health needs and what links may exist to other services. Advice working can lead to engaging a guest with a range of complimentary services and developing an action plan with the referring agency to meet the individual needs of a guest.

In the shelter the welfare of the guest is a priority concern and this is monitored in a variety of ways including regular visits by the Advisor to see guests in the shelters. This makes it easy to have direct contact with guests and encourage good engagement on working towards agreed goals.  For guests who have no recourse to public funds the focus of the advice work is often on health needs, access to legal advice, and ensuring complimentary support from a range of services devoted to helping refugee and asylum seekers. There is also scope to work with outreach teams and reconnections services where this may be the best option for a guest. The Robes Project aims to provide an environment in which the guests are mutually supported and feel safe, being able to focus on taking positive steps out of homelessness.